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At the heart of Epirus, nestled among the steep and snowy slopes of Tymfi mountain range, you will find Zagorochoria National Park, one of the most beautiful and rich ecosystems in Europe.

A cluster of 46 picturesque traditional villages in the wider area of Timfi, Pindos and Mitiskeli (Zagori region), built in a magical setting amidst pine and fir trees is waiting to be discovered all year round! Zagori’s natural environment is exquisite and perfect for many outdoor activities. The unique local architecture is defined by stone, wood and slate rock.

The impressive stone mansions and the undulating, natural forested surroundings are the ingredients of an unparalleled destination that should not be missed!  Zagori is divided into three areas, the Western, Central and Eastern Zagori. Let’s discover the villages of Zagori, one by one!

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