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The town of Parga is approximately 50 kms south of Igoumenitsa on the shores of the Ionian Sea, opposite the islands of Corfu, Paxos and Anti-Paxos.

Parga is well known as the “Jewel of the Ionian”. It rises like an amphitheatre up the mountainside which surrounds the town and small secluded bay. The harbour and the boulevard have many restaurants, bars and cafes with tables and chairs lining the pavements and promenade. Narrow alleyways – free from traffic – give Parga its own intimate atmosphere.

High on the hill overlooking the water front, are the ruins of the Venetian castle. It commands sensational views of the coastline and beaches.
A string of large rocks and an island protect the bay. The picturesque island has a whitewashed church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, another chapel dedicated to Saint Nicholas and a small fort built by the French in 1808. The island is accessible after a short swim from the town beach of Krioneri. In the summer months you will see wedding parties crossing over to the island church by boat.

Parga today has approximately 3,000 residents. This number increases tremendously during the summer months with visitors from Europe and other parts of the world. This busiest period is August – especially on the 15th when there is the celebration of the Panagia (Virgin Mary).
The surrounding area is planted with olive, orange, lemon, mandarin and other fruit trees. Apart from tourism the main source of income of the area is in olives and olive oil.

Visitors have an abundance of accommodation to choose from. From simple self catering studios to luxury apartments and 4* hotels situated in the town and immediate surrounding area.

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