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The region of Epirus is geographically located on the north-western side of Greece, close to the borders with Albania. The majority of this region is mountainous, but many famous tourist places have developed there over the last years. Parga and Sivota are the most famous summer places in Epirus Greece, attracting thousands of visitors with gorgeous beaches, the green landscape, and the interesting sightseeing. However, it is also popular for the winter holidays. The most famous winter destinations in Epirus are the town of Ioannina and the mountainous villages of Zagoria. This Epirus travel guide will give you all the necessary information to organize your holiday in Greece.

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Lake Ziros

Preveza City Tour

Parga Acheronta

Acherondas- Eco Kayaking

Arachthos Hiking

Arachthos Archery

Arachthos Horse Riding

Parga, sea kayaking

Archery In Zagori