Our region

Our headquarters are in Preveza, an island-like seaside town in southern Epirus known for its pleasant climate and distinctive architecture. Preveza’s position gives it the ideal place for tourists to begin their exploration of Greece’s northwestern area. The Epirus region is an unspoiled paradise. It is defined by its varied natural beauty, which blends an ecological natural coastline, deep forests, lakes, rivers, and a green mountainous countryside. The Epirus region is located between the Ionian Sea and the Pindos Mountain range. Travelers who want to see the real Greece, its nature, its history, and its people should head to Epirus because it has a timeless magic that will make a lasting effect on anybody who visits.

Customers will live unique experiences, discovering the rich history and all the hidden cultural treasures that Epirus hides, through the development of alternative forms of tourism that are constantly developing and attracting the interest of a constantly larger volume of tourists. Epirus has been the place of residence and activity in the tourism sector for several years. A decisive factor for this choice is the fact that the rich cultural heritage, the archaeological sites, the museums, the possibilities of the multiple tourist products and experiences it has as well as the nearby destinations make it a tourist attraction for more and more visitors from all over the world. The result is that in recent years it tends to emerge as a unique autonomous destination suitable for the whole year.