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In the southern end of the region of Epirus, between the Ambracian Gulf and the Ionian sea lays the peninsula of Preveza -a piece of land known for its natural and historical wealth-. The region of Preveza is considered to be the ideal destination for those who are interested in exploring known and unknown archaeological treasures, tasting the local culinary delights and enjoying relaxation time in the enchanting coastline that surrounds Preveza.


On the northern side of the peninsula of Preveza stand the remainings of the Roman city of Nicopoli. Nicopoli was built by Octavian Augustus to commemorate his victory over the fleet of Marc Antony and Cleopatra at the naval battle of Actium. The Roman Nicopolis marked the beginning of momentous changes, not only in the Roman world but throughout the global history of that known world. ‘‘Nicopoli” remained a city of reference even during the Christian times, as it was one of the places that Saint Paul visited and preached. The importance of the area led to the creation of a modern archaeological museum dedicated exclusively to Nicopolis, which was inaugurated in 2009.

The Ambracian Gulf

The exceptional ecosystem of the Ambracian Gulf combines exquisite natural beauty and historical interest. Important historical naval battles took place in the Ambracian Gulf through centuries. Besides the naval battle of Actium in 31 b.C. another naval battle took place under the leadership of the famous pirate Barbarosa. The city of Preveza has been the bone of contention among Venetians, French and Ottomans. Standing witnesses of these battles are the Venetian and Ottoman Castles across the coastline of the Ambracian Gulf, the Castle of St. Andrew, the bastion in Vrysoula, the Castle of St. George and the Castle of Pantocratoras.


Any time of the year Preveza is an ideal place to visit. Tourists are welcome to stroll through the city’s quaint narrow streets with the typical churches, the “Seitan Pazar” (=devil’s market), cozy taverns with exquisite flavors of the region. The aromas emerging from the traditional city ouzopoiia combined with the colours of flowers compose a scene of nostalgia of a bygone era.

Roman Aqueduct of Nicopolis

Not far from the city stands the Roman Aqueduct of Nicopolis, carrying water from the springs of the Louros River to the Roman city of Nicopolis. The scenery becomes breathtaking in Kokkinopilos (=Red Pile), where the dominant bright-red colored environment transports you to another dimension. A tour on the lake Ziros and “Paidopoli” is a great opportunity for rest and relaxation.

Archaeological site of Kassope

On an expansive mountain plain of 550 m. altitude and panoramic view to the Ionian Sea, the remainings of the famous Hellenistic city of Kassope stand. In a short distance, on the top of Zalongo dominates the monument of Souliot women as a tribute to the heroism of the Greeks. At the foot of the mountain lies the picturesque monastery dedicated to Saint Demetrius.

Archaeological site of Nekromanteion

Travelers from distance were reaching to the Nekromanteion of Acheron, the famous Sanctuary of the underworld, to get oracles from loved ones, who have passed away. Nearby are the remains of “Ephyra”, a 14th century BC Mycenaean colony. The area is ideal for those who love nature walks, as it is located at the mouth of the river Acheron, who acquires metaphysical significance -since according to tradition- Hermes “psychopompos” through Acheron river was carrying the souls to Hades. The journey continues to the beautiful Parga with narrow cobbled streets and the famous castle. A town that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Activities in Preveza

In the city of Preveza one could find adequate infrastructures and places for entertainment and amusement. Preveza (= passage) was and remains a melting pot of peoples. It offers various cultural activities, among which are the Preveza jazz festival, the international choral festival, events for the anniversary of the battle of Actium and sporting events. Even the lovers of tradition will enjoy the feast of sardines, traditional nights at the garden theater with music and songs from Pontus, Asia Minor and Epirus.

Sarakatsani Sheepfold

Close to Preveza, in a verdant place stands the traditional village of the “Sarakatsani Sheepfold”. It is an open air museum dedicated to the nomadic life of the Sarakatsani tribe, where the annual gathering of the Sarakatsani tribe takes place.

A region full of challenges waiting to be discovered!

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